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November 2015

What role should the media play in countries in crisis?

November 2015

MDR !* Mobilising new comic talent in Africa

July 2015

Free online training course (MOOC) to promote the emergence of innovative media in Africa

July 2015

Expressions Syriennes: the Syrian media report in French about the day-to-day lives of the Syrian people

May 2015

Overview of the online media in 8 Arab countries: how these media accompany the rising power of civil societies

March 2015

Afrique Innovation supporting innovation in online media in Africa

February 2015

Media 21, journalism and climate change: providing better information about climate in South-East Asia and AfricaMédias

February 2015

EBTICAR-media is supporting innovative projects run by online information stakeholders in the Arab World

December 2014
Fake medicines, child domestic workers, an unfinished highway… investigative journalism is alive and well in the Maghreb region