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December 2014
Fake medicines, child domestic workers, an unfinished highway… investigative journalism is alive and well in the Maghreb region
October 2014

Radio against Ebola

July 2014

VTV24: CFI introduces Vietnam's first news channel to French news production teams

April 2014

EBTICAR-MEDIA is supporting innovative projects run by online information stakeholders in the Arab world

January 2014

Syria - Safeguarding of press freedom in Syria a must

January 2014

Support for the independent Arab media: CFI consolidates its position

November 2013

CFI welcomes 20 young African media executives to Paris to complete their Master's in Media Management

October 2013

SafirLab – 33 enterprising young people from the Arab world gather together in Paris

June 2013

Independant Syrian radio goes on air from Paris

May 2013
3rd Annual Meeting 4M Montpellier 2013