Madagascan Citizens’ Dialogues Using the media to promote active citizenship

Dialogues citoyens Madagascar Médias pour une citoyenneté active


To encourage citizens, CSOs, media organisations and local authorities to work together in strengthening democracy, ensuring good governance and instilling an accountability culture in Madagascar.



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Project timeline

July 2016
December 2017
This project is finished


Accountability and the citizen-led control of public initiatives today are now crucial to the development policies implemented in Africa. In Madagascar, these issues are all the more important given the political turmoil that the country has suffered over the past few decades.

The Madagascan Citizens' Dialogues project aims to get the Madagascan media more closely involved in matters concerning good local governance and accountability, so that they play their part in promoting more active citizenship and encouraging greater civic engagement. It follows on from the initiatives already carried out by CFI in Madagascar, and has been devised by taking account of the results of other projects launched in Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso covering similar issues.

In a country that today has over 300 radio stations and 40 television channels, which mainly cover regions with high population densities, CFI has selected ten local radio stations, two television stations and four written press and online media outlets to benefit from training workshops on the citizen-led control of public initiatives. This pilot project will subsequently be expanded so as to cater for more media outlets.

“This training course is so important… As journalists, it enables us to improve the way we tackle citizens’ concerns and understand what it means to “be a citizen” in Madagascar today. It also helps us pay more attention to the people who play a role in our society: the local authorities, citizens, civil society organisations etc. … we are all affected and every one of us needs to take responsibility.”
Sylvana Rizy, radio RNA, Antalaha

Project beneficiaries

  • 10 local radio stations
  • 2 television stations
  • 4 written press and online media outlets
  • NGOs and CSOs
  • Local authorities
  • Audiences and rural and urban communities in the countries involved in the project

Project manager


Organisation of a dialogue seminar involving CSOs, media organisations and local authorities


Training workshops on the key concepts and notions concerning citizen-led control of public initiatives, for media and CSO professionals and elected officials in the target regions.

Madagascar: talking about citizenship on the radio

September 29, 2016

A training course on designing "citizen awareness" programmes took place in Antananarivo on 12-24 September 2016. This was the first training course to be held under the Madagascan Citizens' Dialogue project.

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Civic dialogue on Madagascar’s radio stations

October 31, 2016

The radio stations benefiting from the Citizens Dialogue project have taken part in a training workshop on designing civic dialogue programmes. The workshop was held in Antananarivo on 10-22 October 2016.

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Citizen discussion spaces for young malagasies

November 2, 2016

In conjunction with the Mayor of Antalaha, CFI is supporting the creation of interactive, recreational discussion spaces to encourage active citizenship on the part of young people in the Sava region. The first training workshop in this pilot scheme has just ended.

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3.Production of theatre-style radio programmes for raising citizen awareness

Production of theatre-style radio programmes for raising citizen awareness.

Citizen-led control of public initiatives: from theory sessions to radio sketches

March 8, 2017

At the Madagascan Citizens' Dialogues workshop, which took place in Antananarivo between 20 and 23 February 2017, the focus was on understanding the challenges posed by citizen-led control of public initiatives.

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4.Support and training

Support and training in devising and producing radio shows for educating citizens and promoting dialogue amongst them

Radio stations promoting land management in Madagascar

April 30, 2017

The second workshop to raise awareness of key aspects of citizen-led control of public initiatives was held in Tana from 20 to 24 March 2017.

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5.Initiative specific to the region of Antalaha

Putting platforms in place for young citizens to express their opinions (initiative specific to the region of Antalaha)

6.Training CSOs in advocacy and leadership techniques

Training CSOs in advocacy and leadership techniques.

Leadership and advocacy: workshops for promoting better cooperation

May 31, 2017

Since the start of the year 2017, ECES and CFI have been conducting workshops in Madagascar aimed at media outlets, CSOs and local authorities, in order to teach them how to debate and consult with each other and ask pertinent questions.

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7.Organisation of debates involving CSOs, media organisations and local authorities

Organisation of debates involving CSOs, media organisations and local authorities.

Debates on the elections in Madagascar

November 9, 2017

With the Citizen Dialogues Madagascar project reaching its end, the nine participants involved in the radio component took part, from 16 to 28 October 2017, in a final session for perfecting the devising of radio programmes that allow citizens to express their views.

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8.Investigative journalism techniques

Training in local investigative journalism techniques, and assisting in investigations from afar

9.Putting a media monitoring system in place

Putting a media monitoring system in place.


Organisation of a 'citizen media' competition.

Making young peoples’ voices heard in Madagascar

September 5, 2017

Letting young people have their say, developing critical mindsets and dialogue, and encouraging people to take to the floor – these are just some of the objectives of the 'Banja Malalaka' contest, which was launched in Madagascar on 27 July 2017 to give citizens a platform to air their views.

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