AhkiFree La Télé: Web TV for Tunisian youths

AhkiFree La Télé: Web TV for Tunisian youths

January 28, 2020

AhkiFree (“speak freely") is a Website for sharing articles and videos; it was launched by a group of Tunisian youths in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Education and is primarily aimed at secondary school students in Tunisia.

The project began the day after the events of 14 January 2011, when Tunisia found itself in a critical phase, a transition phase in which freedom of expression and democracy were no longer completely guaranteed and in which violence was rife, particularly in educational settings. Its aim: to raise awareness among young people of hate speech and verbal abuse, while also working to protect freedom of expression.

This joint project has resulted in the creation of a virtual space enabling young people to express themselves freely, to encourage intercultural and social discussion and to publish their work while developing their presence in local media spaces.

Regional school citizenship clubs

AhkiFree also organises interactive training sessions on the subject of creating content, together with workshops "They employ working methods that are encouraging"within five school citizenship clubs for students in different regions of Tunisia, by providing them with the data and the tools that they require.

Lamis, a young Tunisian who is a member of the web tv organising committee tells us about the working method adopted by the five clubs chosen to develop journalistic knowledge.

"The five teams set their working strategies by choosing the subjects that they would like to discuss while following a precise angle and a specific editorial approach. They employ working methods that are encouraging for the secondary school pupils who are able, as a result of these activities, to increase their knowledge, gain in confidence, increase their tenacity, focus more on topics that concern society and, above all, establish excellent relationships with one another."

AhkiFree is one of the 18 projects that was selected and has been receiving support from D-Jil since 2018. What these ambitious and innovative projects have in common is a desire to do things differently and to open up new perspectives for young people in the Arab world through topics that affect and concern them.

Co-financed by the European Union and supported by CFI, in partnership with the Fondation Samir Kassir, FMAS, IREX Europe and Leaders of Tomorrow, D-JIL fosters active citizenship and autonomy in young people in nine Arab world countries, using online media as a vehicle.