Ama Baad: how do they appear along with a pandemic?

June 18, 2020

This week, CFI, Daraj and Barr Al Aman are welcoming you to talk about Fake news : how do they appear along with a pandemic?

Doctor Jaber Belkhiria, Tunisian epidémiologist, will be the guest of Doctor Moath Althaher, founder of Fatabyyano, a media combating Fake-news, to answer your questions.

Join Thursday, June 18th at 4pm GMT:

  • 5pm in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco
  • 6pm in Libya and Egypt
  • 7pm in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen

How does a pandemic begin and bring with it fake news?

The Covid-19 pandemic opens again the debate on the importance of biodiversity and the ecosystems disruptions generated by human activities which are the cause of ecological imbalances. Nevertheless, environment issues and their necessary vulgarization are barely treated in Arab media.
This lack of scientific knowledge boosts the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories and their support among the population. But, in fact, how is an epidemic born?
What is the relationship between bats and Coronavirus?
How the journalist, in his mission of intermediary between citizens and scientists, can be a bulwark against disinformation?

Moderator :
Dr Moath Althaher
(Jordan), doctor graduated from Misr University for Science and Technology and former visiting student at Harvard University. Dr Althaher is the founder of Fatabyyano, an independent Arab platform specialized in the fight against fake news and today a Facebook and Instagram partner for checking content in 19 Arab countries. Dr. Althaher is also an expert and a trainer in digital verification and media literacy.

Speaker :
Jaber Belkhiria
(Tunisia), doctor in Veterinary Medicine from Tunis University and graduated in epidemiology (Master & PhD) from the University of California Davis.
Dr Belkhiria works on modeling epidemics and emerging diseases and has an extensive experience managing health and research projects in West Africa.

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