In the beginning was the camera…

In the beginning was the camera…

October 13, 2014

CFI is supporting Syria's Mobile Phone Film Festival, which is being organised by the Al-Shareh collective of videographers. The Festival will be held in three Syrian cities from 15-17 October.

Over the course of the last three years, the Syrian revolution has revealed a great many talents, especially in the visual arts and media. The majority of observers now agree that cameras and mobile phones are vital elements in the revolution, thanks to their use as a means of non‑violent resistance by citizen journalists.

The Mobile Phone Film Festival aims to celebrate news production in Syria and the capturing of video footage on mobile phones, as well as providing encouragement to the new talents who are breaking through in the various spheres of the visual arts.

CFI has been supporting the Al-Shareh collective, the group behind the Festival, since 2013.
The productions will be screened in October in three cities in Syria. The winning films will also be screened in Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Gaziantep and Beirut.

Participants will be competing for six prizes: the Awards for Best One-Minute Film, Best Short Documentary Film and Best Long Documentary Film, the Experimental Film Award, the Citizen Journalist Award and the Viewers' Award, which will be given to the film which gains the most votes on the internet.

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