Boosting programming efficiency

Boosting programming efficiency

March 2, 2017

Staff from RTI (Radio Télévision Ivoirienne) were given an introduction to the latest programming techniques on a course offered between 21 and 29 November 2016 (RTI Channel 1) and 12 and 20 December 2016 (RTI Channel 2).

Regardless of how effective a channel's content offering might be, a level of skill involved in programming that content as compared with rival offerings can make all the difference between a runaway success or frustrated ambition.

This training course aimed to teach all the techniques that nowadays govern the design of an effective programme schedule, based in particular on modern marketing rules.
Just as in any market place, the right product has to be provided to the right target at the right time, whilst always keeping an eye on the competition.

Trainees were also taught that modern programming is not simply a matter of putting together a string of programmes, one after another, but that it can become – as in a game of Lego – a creative activity.

"This training course taught us a great deal, and has made us more competitive with regard to the private channels that will soon be entering the fray in Côte d'Ivoire. It underlined the fact that programming is just as much a science as an art. This theoretical and also very pragmatic course was of great value to everyone in terms of our schedule management."
Fernande Kouakou, Head of Programme Department at RTI 2.