Call for applications: Social Media Officer

Call for applications: Social Media Officer

December 19, 2018

CFI is recruiting a Social Media Officer

Position: Social Media Officer
Status: Self-employed Individual
Country of affectation: Lebanon
Remaining programme duration: 6 months
Contract duration: 6 months


CFI, the French media development agency, provides support to media organisations as development actors across several continents. A subsidiary of France Médias Monde and an operator of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the agency is currently working on around 30 projects that fall under three major programmes: Media and Governance, Media and Business, Media and Development. In the frame of a multisectoral programme implemented by a European consortium, CFI is contracted as an implementing partner to improve a direct access to information for both Syrian refugees and vulnerable host communities in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. The goal of the project is to ease social cohesion at the community level by covering information gaps on different topics. This will imply collecting services-oriented information across the 3 countries, and disseminating it through different communication channels.

In the frame of this project, CFI is recruiting a Social Media Officer, whose roles and responsibilities are detailed below.

The Social Media Officer works under the direct responsibility of the National Project Manager and in liaison with the Regional Coordinator, based in Jordan.


  • The Social Media Officer works closely with the national project manager based in his/her country of affectation.
  • He/she coordinates with the Communications/Research Officer as well as with the Videographer.
  • He/she also liaises with the Regional Coordinator.


Development of communication campaigns from a social media perspective

1. Participate in the elaboration of the social media dissemination plan of our production materials;
2. Conduct research on social media influencers and support pages/groups that are useful for dissemination for the different campaign topics, and establish contacts with them if relevant;
3. Advise on the most relevant social media strategy, suggest social media outlets for possible partnerships.

Dissemination on Facebook

1. Create, maintain and update our Facebook page;
2. Engage with our community to increase the number of followers, respond to comments;
3. Post our production on our Facebook page as well as on pages of relevant groups, influencers and partners: videos, written text, still pictures;
4. Subscribe to paid advertisement targeting specific layers of our audience.

Monitoring and follow-up

1. Closely keep track of the audiences and numbers of views of our posts, compile the information into an XL table, and synthesize the most significant issues raised in the comments;
2. Follow-up the social media activity of our partners to support our communication campaigns;
3. Watch activity of other stakeholders on Facebook, in relation with the refugee crisis and the issue of social cohesion in the view of increasing CFI outreach and to adapt CFI social media strategy accordingly if need be;
4. Draft a weekly M&E report on social media, highlighting Facebook page insights.

Perform other tasks as required by the National Project Manager and the Regional Coordinator.

Engagement with media

1. Search for possible cooperation opportunities with traditional media active in Lebanon – television channels, newspapers and radio stations;
2. Establish and follow-up a television broadcast plan for our video clips;
3. Organize press conferences when necessary.


  • Experience in media management, knowledge of traditional media tools
  • Excellent consulting, writing, editing skills (photo/video/text)
  • Social networking experience and knowledge of social analytics tools
  • BS in Communications, Marketing, Business, New Media or Public Relations
  • Fluency in English and Arabic

Please note that foreign candidates should have a valid work permit and should be able to issue invoices under their name.

Applications (CV with a covering letter) should be sent to
Deadline for applications: 6th January, 2019.