Call for proposals for editorial projects on the issue of human rights

November 20, 2017

Are you a journalist, blogger or YouTuber in Tunisia with an interest in the humanitarian cause? This project was made for you.

As part of the Kalimat Horra project, CFI is seeking candidates who are capable of producing multimedia editorial projects on the human rights situation in Tunisia.

Nine topics have been proposed: corruption, torture, economic and social rights, enforced disappearances, equal opportunities and gender equality, transitional justice, minority rights, prisoners' rights and respect for individual freedoms.
Candidates are free to choose the medium (article, video, radio report, infographic, etc.), with innovative formats being of particular interest.
Candidates must obtain the consent of a media outlet that has undertaken to broadcast their production. The outlet may be from traditional media or digital media, such as a Facebook page or YouTube channel, for example. It must have a certain reputation and demonstrate an ability to make a real impact in the community.

Support at various stages

The selected candidates will attend training sessions run by CSO members and human rights defenders, with a view to providing inspiration for their report proposals. They will be provided with production support (freelancer fees, expenses for travel, accommodation and meals related to the production of the report, filming equipment hire, photographs, etc.).
An expert from civil society will supervise the candidates during the field research phase (data, contacts, accessibility, etc.).

Selection criteria

In order to apply for this project, you must:

  • be a Tunisian journalist from the traditional or online written press, a radio or television journalist, blogger, YouTuber, or the like;
  • be interested and involved in human rights issues in Tunisia;
  • be available on the scheduled dates (January, February and March 2018) and commit to attending the training sessions scheduled as part of the project;
  • commit to participating actively in the remote supervision sessions with the representatives of the CSOs and human rights defence organisations;
  • provide evidence of a media outlet that has undertaken to broadcast the production (television, radio, written press, online news site/Facebook pages or YouTube channel with a solid reputation and the ability to have a real impact).

The content may be produced in either Arabic or French.

Documents to be provided

  • A selection of published articles or audiovisual productions
  • A presentation of the journalistic production project (synopsis) on one of the topics
  • A brief presentation of the media outlet or blog that will broadcast the production.
  • Your CV

Interested in this project?

Apply online on our call for applications platform by 3 Januaray 2018!

The Kalimat Horra project is conducted in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Relations with the Constitutional Bodies, Civil Society and Human Rights, with support from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).