CFI along side Tunisian media

CFI along side Tunisian media

September 14, 2011

Since March 2011, CFI steps into Tunisia to accompany the transformation of public service media through a training programme. One priority objective: to allow a pluralist coverage, that is as complete as possible, of the elections on 23rd October 2011. Three new missions are planned for September.

From 6th to 11th September 2011, CFI sends two experts along side the Tunisian state television (ETT), in order to escort the editorial office through the coverage organisation of the electoral campaign, a week before it officially starts. Kadour Hamlaoui, secretary general for the editorial office (France Télévisions) and Yves Bruneau, chief editor, will be working with the ETT teams on the organisation and forward planning of the human resources and technical means in order to ensure the coverage of the electoral campaign.

The African Centre for Training of Journalists and Communicators (CAPJC) has also appealed to CFI to host a workshop on the organisation of political debates. The Director of international factual projects for TV5, Philippe Dessaint, will lead this training from 11th to 14th September. These two initiatives will be completed by a workshop for magazine journalists of the Tunisian state television who will host Sophie Claudet and Mathieu Horstmann from 12th to 24th September. On this occasion, the experts will work on the production of political reports with magazine journalists of 2 channels.

These three missions complete the previous initiatives lead by CFI in Tunisia since the beginning of the year. In fact, in March 2011, CFI sent two experts to evaluate the needs of the Tunisian radio and television stations and meet the main agents in the sector.

Then, in Spring, three journalists from France 24 stepped in, with the support of CFI, along side the editorial office for the Tunisian state television (ETT) to work on the writing of political topics and the preparation of interviews. In addition, two CFI experts have drawn up an assessment of the technical and editorial needs for the editorial office, and defined a hands on programme up until the elections. The ETT, which hoped to modernise its broadcast design, has also benefited from the advice of two CFI experts, Gilles Poplin, graphic designer, and Cécile Chavepayre, responsible for the auto promotion at France Télévisions. In May, CFI, in partnership with RFI, put in place a training programme on the coverage of elections and organisation of political debates, where more than 80 journalists from the Tunisian radio editorial office benefited.

From broadcast set designs to organisation of an electoral debate, filtering through the production of dedicated programmes, CFI contributes in this way, for several months now, to build a new media related scene in Tunisia.