CFI and Expertise France strengthen their collaboration

CFI and Expertise France strengthen their collaboration

May 29, 2019

Marc Fonbaustier, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of CFI and Jérémie Pellet, Managing Director of Expertise France, signed a partnership agreement on 23 May 2019.

This agreement strengthens the collaboration between Expertise France, the French agency for international technical expertise, and CFI, the French media development agency, both of which are agencies of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The purpose of this partnership is to harness media to intensify the impact of initiatives implemented by Expertise France in the four areas that it covers: democratic, economic and financial governance; peace, stability and security; climate, agriculture and sustainable development; and health and human development.

It will also ensure the durability of large-scale projects launched several months ago. The "media" component is partly made up of numerous programmes developed by Expertise France, notably in the area of supporting new democracies or fragile states. Thanks to action undertaken by CFI, the media take on the development challenges presented by Expertise France and thus become jointly involved in this development.

Since 2014, CFI and Expertise France have undertaken regular collaborations and several projects are currently underway. For example, in Ukraine, as part of the PRAVO-Justice project, CFI trains not only journalists, but also members of the country's judicial system with the aim of improving the Ukrainian population's understanding of legal reforms.

This agreement will encourage both agencies to share information and strategic approaches, as well as the promotion of joint initiatives.