CFI on the ground in Jordan

CFI on the ground in Jordan

May 22, 2017

A number of cooperation projects involving the French and Jordanian media are being conducted simultaneously with European Union support.

France is a long-standing partner to the Jordanian media.
Jordan Radio Television, the Petra press agency and other bodies have all in the past played an important role in cooperation between France and Jordan in the media sector.

CFI, the French media cooperation agency, remains committed to the work of the Jordanian media and is currently running a number of projects in the kingdom. Several initiatives are under way within the context of programs for supporting Jordan, implemented and funded by the European Union.

Providing support to the Jordanian Media

Under the "Support to media in Jordan" UNESCO program, this project is divided into two parts: the first aims to adapt the journalism courses of two large Jordanian universities to developments in the journalism profession and to the new requirements of the media; the aim of the second is to strengthen the skills of active journalists by means of professional training sessions at international standards.

Roya TV

CFI supports the improvement of Roya TV programs quality and the creation of new programs, with two objectives:
- conquer more viewers
- and attract new advertisers.


The media section of the PRODEMO project aims to develop and enhance the interactions between the media with the House of representatives, the Independent electoral commission (IEC) and the political parties. The project also aims to deepen the role of civil society in contributing to democratic governance and policy-making


The aim of this project is to facilitate the dissemination of information between assistance structures and organisations and the recipient Syrian citizens and host communities in three countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey), particularly concerning issues of legal assistance and protection.


The aim of Safirlab is to reinforce Arab countries in their political transformation by encouraging young people (aged between 20 and 30) who are working for change and involved in projects related to issues of civil society and the media.

Ebticar Media

EBTICAR-Media (E-Booster for Technical and Innovative Contents in the Arab Region, which also means "innovation" in Arabic) has set itself as a target to sustain the development and organisation of online media in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, through the award of subsidies for the most innovative proposals.

Just as in other countries where CFI is leading projects, this cooperation is based on rich, fruitful dialogue with Jordanian partners, based on exchange and sharing of experiences or ideas.