CFI is looking for a Local Coordinator in Iraq

CFI is looking for a Local Coordinator in Iraq

May 16, 2019

13-month consulting agreement, from 10 June 2019


CFI is the French media cooperation agency, mainly funded by the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs. CFI is responsible for coordinating and implementing public aid policy for promoting and enhancing the media in developing countries.

CFI is running projects in various Middle East countries, supporting displaced people and stabilization initiatives. In Iraq, CFI has led two projects dealing with the media coverage of minorities (Naseej), governance and reconciliation in Nineveh Governorate (Tasalah).

Location :
Erbil (Iraq), with regular travels to Nineveh Governorate, including Mosul


CFI new project will deal with Social Cohesion in Nineveh Governorate and last about thirteen months, starting in June 2019. The project aims at gathering and raising awareness among media houses and Civil society organizations (CSOs) covering or working in Nineveh Governorate. At the same time, it will train young journalists from Nineveh Governorate demonstrating a strong interest in social cohesion and reconciliation challenges. The trainees will produce contents, which will at least partly be disseminated in the Iraqi media and on social media. These contents can be written articles, audio reports, videos or pictures. The project will also support the creation of a student online media.

You will be in charge of

The Local Coordinator will support the implementation of the project in Nineveh Governorate and in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. He/she will be based in Erbil with the possibility to work in the Expertise France premises. He/she will work under the supervision of CFI Project Manager, based in Paris and regularly coming to Iraq. He/she will work in constant cooperation with CFI partners.

He/she will be responsible for the following duties:

Implementation of the activities

  • Contributing to the design of the activities workplan;
  • Organizing the activities forecasted in the project (events, trainings, conferences, etc.) in KRI and in Nineveh Governorate;
  • Supporting to identify the relevant beneficiaries of planned activities;
  • Monitoring the security situation and adapting the location and date of the activities accordingly;
  • Translating between English and Arabic, for written texts, audio reports, videos and during meetings.

Prospection and coordination with the partners

  • Mobilizing and coordinating the partners (media, SCOs) involved in the activities of the project;
  • Following-up personally with the beneficiaries of the project, i.e. the journalists from Nineveh Governorate, during the training and the production time.


  • Identifying suppliers, asking for quotations and negotiating the procurements and services;
  • Following-up the allocated budget, monitoring the expenditures and collecting all invoices for CFI HQ;
  • Filling in the follow-up and evaluation tools as a contribution of the process.

Representation and communication

  • Representing CFI toward local authorities, in KRI and in Nineveh Governorate, dealing with administrative requests and obtaining authorizations;
  • Representing CFI at coordination meetings with the partners (media, NGOs, UN) and facilitate information sharing;
  • Providing communication contents (pictures, small testimonies) for CFI HQ.


Language proficiency

  • Arabic: full proficiency
  • Kurdish: working proficiency
  • English: working proficiency

Skills and experiences

The position requires:

  • Experience in project management;
  • Ability to plan activities in according to a defined calendar (including event management);
  • Ability to coordinate with various partners, Iraqi and international ones;
  • Knowledge and understanding of media cooperation and of the media landscape in Northern Iraq;
  • Analytical and practical problem-solving skills;
  • Good inter-personal and writing abilities;
  • Skills of intercultural communication;
  • Adherence to the values of the project;

  • Ability to travel and to work in KR-I and in Nineveh Governorate, including in Mosul.

Job years of experience: at least 5 years


Fixed-term period of 13 months, starting in June 2019.

Fees paid by monthly invoices, according to the time spent on the project in accordance with CFI project manager at HQ. Fees are commensurate with experience and qualification. They vary between 100 000 to 115 000 IQD/day (approximatively 1800 to 2000 €/month on a full-time basis).

Interested candidates should submit their CV with a covering letter (max. 2 pages) to and by 31 May 2019.