Citizen Connections: the 15 Winners

Citizen Connections: the 15 Winners

December 13, 2016

After six weeks of online work carried out by the 30 participants selected following the call for applications to the Citizen Connections project, half of them will be given the chance to continue their training in Paris, Dakar and Abidjan.

The participants in the Citizen Connections project have all taken part in an online work session, consisting of three components: a presentation of the participants and their projects to the group, a presentation of the challenges that they have faced, and mentoring via personalised sessions.

This first phase has allowed the Citizen Connections trainers to assess the motivation and teamworking abilities of each participant, in order to shortlist 15 of them to continue with the project.

The 15 winners come from 10 countries in Western and Central Africa

- Mr Maurice Thantan (Benin)
- Mr Edeh Dona Etchri (Togo)
- Mr Aly Simboro (Burkina Faso)
- Ms Awanabi Yao Idrissou (Benin)
- Mr Sally Bilaly Sow (Guinea)
- Mr Alexandre Guibert Lette (Senegal)
- Mr Charles Komi Kpandja Nusianunyo Kondi (Togo)
- Ms Seynabou Sy Ndiaye (Senegal)
- Mr Tidianii Togola (Mali)
- Mr Aly Coulibaly (Côte d'Ivoire)
- Ms Anne-Marie Befoune (Cameroon)
- Ms Cyrielle Gnignipoutya (Cameroon)
- Mr Antoine Osé Coliko (Benin)
- Mr Boursier Bouiti Tchibinda (Gabon)
- Mr Etienne Tshishimbi (DRC)

They will continue their training and kick-start their projects in Paris, from 20 to 25 February 2017, during which they will benefit from topic-based workshops with experts, mentoring on individual projects, and bespoke meetings and visits. Workshops are also scheduled for the first half of 2017 in Dakar and Abidjan.