Digital training for Jordanian journalists

Digital training for Jordanian journalists

March 6, 2017

In the next few months, over 100 practising journalists will be trained in data journalism, information gathering and verification, cybersecurity and cyberprotection.

This continuing professional development programme kicked off at the SAE Institute in Amman on 19 February 2017 with a module on data journalism. The module was led by journalists Lina Ejeilat and Ramsey George from the online magazine 7iber, both of whom are digital media specialists.

Participants also had the chance to take a second module on source verification and IT security, which was taught by Malek Khadhraoui and Chayma Mehdi from the Tunisian media organisation Alkhatt. Further workshops are planned in Amman and the provinces (Irbid and Aqaba) in March and April 2017.

In order to plan the training, and ensure its relevance to the needs of the Jordanian media, CFI together with researchers from the Jordan Media Institute conducted a Training Needs Assessment in late 2016.
CFI then designed the current training program based on the results of that assessment.

The training program begins in Amman and will also take place in Irbid and Aqaba in March 2017.
Over 100 journalists will be trained around the Kingdom on data journalism, cross media information, collection and verification of information, cyber security and protection.
who both have extensive experience in new media, journalism and training, will conduct the training sessions, in addition to other trainers.

"UNESCO is pleased to partner with CFI on this ambitious training project; it is the first time many journalists will receive such training, and we hope that in the end the capacity of the media to inform the public, and perform their jobs well will be improved", said Costanza Farina, UNESCO Representative to Jordan.
"A free, independent and professional media sector is fundamental to the process of democracy and sustainable development", she added.