An encounter with open data in Tunisia

An encounter with open data in Tunisia

November 20, 2016

On 16-18 November 2016, seventeen journalists from Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia gathered in Tunis for a three-day intensive session on open data.

Professional data analysts such as Jazem Hilaoui from Tunisia and Hilda Ajeilat from Jordan talked about the open data landscape in their home countries, highlighting the plethora of potential uses but also the obstacles posed by government policy.

The course was hosted by Yann Gueguan, data journalist and founder of media website Dans mon Labo, and Malek Khadhraoui, co-founder of Inkyfada, both of whom described how open data can be useful to journalists as well its limitations: is data the future of journalism?

The three-day session concluded with a practical exercise in which the participants worked in teams on a potential investigation or data visualisation project, before giving an oral presentation.

The Tunis workshop in pictures: