Fadwa Safouh: this scholarship helped me achieve one of my dreams

May 5, 2020

A student of Moroccan journalism, Fadwa Safouh received a MediaLab Campus scholarship to carry out an internship in a French media in March and April 2020, during the Covid-19 epidemic. She recounts her experience.

"This scholarship really helped me achieve one of my dreams. It is a magic key thanks to which I was able to open a door that I thought impossible to go through: to achieve an internship abroad, and at the same time, verify that I am able to work in a foreign language, having studied in the Arabic language.
Every morning I would wake up with a smile on my face at the mere sight of the mountains that lit up the background of gray buildings. I had the chance to join a very kind team, which took the time to integrate me and to explain to me a lot of things that we don't necessarily understand when we arrive in a foreign country.

I wrote 5-minute chronicles on the kingdom of Morocco three times a week, and I went on air every day to present cultural agendas. When the confinement started, it became too complicated to record chronicles and agendas from a distance, since I did not have the professional equipment.
My colleagues treated me not only as an intern but as a real journalist who must work under pressure and in all circumstances.
I already had experience in this field, but I never imagined that one day people from a different country than mine, would hear my voice.
Thanks to this opportunity, I learned many things, new working techniques, but above all I discovered a completely different universe: The other side, as it is called. "