How do I follow the media & development forum online?

December 9, 2019

Original and innovative solutions are deployed at the forum to cover the event. Beyond simply promoting the forum, the aim is also to showcase new ways of disseminating information using mobile video and social media for the benefit of the attendees from over 30 countries.

The EFJ newsroom
A team of students from the EFJ is on site to interview participants. Using smartphones, twenty-five videos are produced and broadcasted during both days. Very short videos are also broadcasted live on Twitter, while longer videos are shared on CFI's Facebook page.

Live broadcasting of sessions on social media
The three main sessions are filmed and broadcasted live on CFI's social media platforms. For the event, the auditorium is equipped with 4 smartphones filming simultaneously. The footage is supervisedfrom a control room and broadcasted directly on social media.

Dazzl online streaming platform
After the various conference sessions, speakers will continue debating on the platform of tech start-up Dazzl, a company providing a video production tool and enabling multi-channel distribution. All content is producedusing mobile video and broadcasted live on CFI's Facebook page.

A special coverage for France Médias Monde
During the forum, participants will have the opportunity to see journalists at work producing "Les dessous de l'infox", and "L'atelier des médias", two RFI programmes relocated to the Forum for the duration of the event.
Monte Carlo Doualiya will be sending several journalists to follow the event from up-close.
France 24 will also be inviting several forum participants to take part in its programmes.
France Médias Monde will be broadcasting CFI's presentation video during the week of the forum through digital channels.


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