Information as a catalyst for the empowerment of women

March 8, 2019

Since 2018, CFI has been producing and broadcasting information videos addressing everyday issues faced by Syrian refugees and vulnerable host communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. When it comes to implementing the activities associated with this European Union-funded programme, gender is proving to be a cross-cutting issue.

Each of the videos produced by Qudra is based on a personal account, which means that the beneficiaries can identify with it. Since the launch of the inaugural information campaign regarding employment in Jordan in May, several women have shared their experience on the subject of resilience via a number of key topics: occupational law for working mothers, professional training, the benefits of solidarity in the workplace, etc.

The women who have agreed to appear in these videos attest to the rights and opportunities that have opened up for them. They are living proof that female success stories are possible and act as inspirational role models who instil hope and courage in other women.

Broadcasting these videos on social media and television guarantees a wide audience, including people in some of the most difficult-to-reach communities. The campaigns that are currently under way in Turkey and Jordan are proving hugely successful, racking up more than two million views on Facebook.

Know your rights to enable you to balance work and motherhood

Hanan is a mother of two and works full-time. In order to meet this challenge, she has put her knowledge of her rights into practice to enable her to combine her status as an employee with her role as a mother. According to Hanan: "My understanding of labour law has made me a stronger woman".
Her employer notes with regret that a great many women are unaware of the rights afforded to them by law.

Creating initiatives between Syrians and Jordanians

Lara, a Syrian refugee, and Hanan, a Jordanian national, have set up a handicrafts company for women, and in doing so have created employment opportunities for both communities. They encourage the women to share their experiences and their various cultures.

Learning Turkish, synonymous with a new life

The same process has been set in motion in Turkey, where an information campaign was launched in March 2019, offering women the opportunity to benefit from Turkish language lessons delivered within Public Education Centers (PECs). Yusra, a Syrian refugee, needed to work in order to support her family. However, she was unable to find work due to the language barrier, so she went to study Turkish at her local centre and was also able to follow a professional training course to become a hairdresser.

There are still a great many social issues involving women that are yet to be addressed. In Lebanon, one information campaign that is currently in the production stage relates to the protection of women who have been subjected to violence. Such campaigns signpost the women to the social development centres that have been made available to them by the Ministry of Social Affairs, as well as dedicated associations.