Journalists from all over the world, a journey though 42 media in the Arab world and Africa

May 2, 2019

"If you had a magic wand, what would you change about the media in your country?" That is the question that CFI, the French media development agency, asked dozens of journalists, from Iraq to Senegal.

To mark World Press Freedom Day, CFI is releasing 42 testimonials from women and men who battle every day to produce and broadcast reliable and independent news in their country.

Dozens of activists, press managers and journalists were invited to express their views on their media and the changing landscape for journalism in their country. They were also asked to look ahead, make recommendations and express wishes.

From Iraq to Senegal, this selection of testimonials illustrates the dynamism and vitality of independent media outlets in Africa and the Arab world. Supported by CFI through defining and long-term projects, these media outlets promote news diversity and help to improve it.

List of contributors

Arsène-Jonathan Mosseavo (ARC, Association of Community Radio Stations, Central African Republic), Aymen Touihri (Inkyfada et Jaridaty, Tunisia), Carole Yemelong (Canal 2 International, Africa Cycle TV, Cameroon), Charlemagne Abissi (Savane FM and president of the association of private radio stations of Burkina Faso), Guy Muyembe (Habari RDC, Democratic Republic of Congo), Jean Ignace Manengou (Journalist, Central African Republic), Malek Khadhraoui (Inkyfada, Tunisia), Gaston Sawadogo (L'Événement, Burkina Faso), Fabienne Rafidiharinira (Freelance journalist, Madagascar), Maurice Thantan (Journalist, Bénin), Joseph Mbeng Boum (Écho santé, Cameroon), Cyriac Gbogou (Au Village, Côte d'Ivoire), Chadia Khedir (Documentary maker, Tunisia), Anderson Diedri (, Côte d'Ivoire), Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo (Radio Venegre, Burkina Faso), Sahadou Ali Zato (Media management consultant trainer, Bénin), Alexandre Gubert Lette (Open data journalist, Sénégal), Privat Tiburce Massanga (Radio Mucodec, Congo-Brazzaville), Cheikh Fall (Activist blogger, Sénégal), Gaston Yamaro (Deeman Radio, Bénin), Fulbert Adjimehossou (Fraternité, Bénin), Safaa Issaad (9rayti TV, Morocco), Godlive Nyemba (La Guardia magazine, Democratic Republic of Congo).