Journalists: How to better inform about migrations?

July 17, 2020

How to talk about migrants in their daily normality, without any ideology?

Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), migrant workers, economic migrants, asylum seekers… The vocabulary of migrations covers a multiplicity of terms and realities. If the «migrant crisis» shows up in the news headlines, it is too often only to count the tragic deaths in the Mediterranean Sea or relate occasional incidents in which migrants are involved.

But beyond that status of victim or culprit, how to talk about migrants in their daily normality, without any ideology?
Why is it important for journalists to create new stories that stand out from the standardization of mainstream media narratives?
What are the means to achieve this?
How to prepare at best on-the-ground reporting?

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Luna Safwan Lebanese freelance journalist, communication expert and trainer. Luna covers issues related to human rights and freedom of expression, domestic workers and refugees.

Faten Hayed Algerian freelance journalist and trainer. Faten has investigated migrants in North Africa and the Sahel, gender violence, child soldiers and jihadist movements.

Maytham Kassir Lebanese journalist and producer of the program @bekasrtaa on Al jazeera.

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