Lmouhim de l’info – the Moroccan satirical newspaper

Lmouhim de l’info – the Moroccan satirical newspaper

September 17, 2019

Since April 2019, MédiaLab Innovation has been supporting the production of an innovative French-language editorial offer in Morocco by backing the Lmouhim de l'info programme.

Some 28 million French-speaking people live in the Maghreb region, including more than 10 million in Morocco. However, there is not much journalistic content in French, even though the French language has long since been established in the region. In addition, the French-speaking media in the Maghreb countries are finding it increasingly difficult to preserve not only French-speaking communities but also the unique nature of the independent French-speaking press, which actively promotes freedom of the press in the Arab world.

To address this issue, Innovation MediaLab has leant its support to Lmouhim de l'info, a weekly satirical newspaper covering Moroccan current events that is predominantly written in French, and also in Darija. It is now posted on Facebook every Thursday.

“In a country where the media and propaganda are often one and the same thing, there is still a card to play.” Saïd Lahlou

Incisive and mocking

With his gift for self-derision and his distinctive moustache, Saïd Lahlou, also known as ‘LeDiass’, interprets Lmouhim de l'info on social networks. He is a colourful news presenter, adopting an incisive and mocking approach towards his guests, acting timidly towards his boss, and being tyrannical over his colleagues.

At a time when democracy requires the participation and equal representation of citizens of both sexes in the economy and in decision-making, as well as in social, cultural and civic life, LeDiass will tackle the issue of the status of women in Morocco head on, if current events in the country require him to do so.

Lmouhim de l'info surveys this rather difficult terrain with no shortage of skill. LeDiass’ moustache is reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Tramp’ character, as if to say “friends, we're here to have a laugh, we're not looking for any trouble.”