Media-21, journalism and climate change: providing better information about climate in South-East Asia and Africa

Media-21, journalism and climate change: providing better information about climate in South-East Asia and Africa

February 25, 2015

Believing that the fight against global warming depends on the quality of the information disseminated by the media, CFI, the French agency in media cooperation, is, on 26 February 2015, launching a call for applications called 'Media-21, journalism and climate change' with the aim of improving coverage of this subject by the media in South-East Asia and Eastern Africa.

Use of natural fertilisers on agricultural land, better management of wastewater, changes in farming practices – the list goes on. A great number of highly positive initiatives are being undertaken locally in South-East Asia and Africa in order to adapt people's responses to climate change. Some experimental projects could be reproduced in other countries of the South and need to be given more media coverage.

In the countries of Africa and South-East Asia, like everywhere else, climate issues are widely perceived as constraints and obstacles. However, even though Africa is a minor contributor to global warming, it is already seriously affected by its consequences, in particular by droughts and floods, famines and new or spreading diseases.
In addition, the geographical characteristics of South-East Asia mean that it is particularly sensitive to future changes in climate. Floods, droughts, hurricanes and typhoons are the spectacular manifestations of these upheavals.

Against this background, it is essential to strengthen the role of the media in dealing with and popularising issues associated with the fight against global warming. The countries that are particularly exposed and in which CFI is able to rely on useful experience have been selected to undertake the project Media-21.

The projects Media-21

- Media 21 Africa aims to inform and raise awareness among the African media of the issues and opportunities at the Paris Climate 2015 conference.
The call for applications is aimed at media organisations, independent journalists and/or bloggers based in Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar who wish to develop or enhance their content in relation to subjects associated with the environment and global warming.

- Media 21 Asia will support the presentation of issues relating to global warming in the local media scene in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
The call for applications is aimed at the local media outlets (print media, television, radio, online media or blogs) which already have a certain amount of experience in dealing with environmental issues.