MediaLab Investigation: Eight investigations into health selected

November 22, 2019

MediaLab Investigation's selection committee convened on 15 November 2019. Eight investigations were selected out of the 26 eligible entries. Investigative journalists will receive support in 2020 to carry out their investigations.

CFI will support five women and three men to conduct their health-related investigations in 2020. They will benefit from three training sessions and support during the intervening periods. Media outlets have promised each of them that their investigations will be published.

The investigations relate to six territories: Tunisia, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine.

The selection committee chose original topics, some of which related to women, and carefully assessed whether these investigation projects were feasible.

A prize will be awarded for the best investigation in November 2020 at the Tunis International Journalism Conference and the winning investigation will be published on the website of MediaLab Investigation's media partner: Disclose.