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January 8, 2019

To diversify the panel of specialists working in the Lebanese media, a number of magazines have joined together to launch a tool for the centralisation of French-language talent.

Media outlets Assafir Al Arabi, L'Orient-Le-Jour, Le Commerce du Levant, Magazine and Yomkom want to create an index of French-speaking Libyan specialists working in the sectors covered on a regular basis, including law, sociology, psychology, economics, demography, geography, political science, history, anthropology, ethnology, ethnography, sexology, gender studies, criminology and linguistics.

A private LinkedIn group bringing together the existing human resources for the production of French-language journalistic content in Libya was created in December 2018.

The individuals involved must have already published work in the media.
They can register here...

This initiative forms part of the Digital Readings project, run by CFI since January 2018. The project supports the 4 media outlets in stepping up their transition to digital.