Mekong: Sustainable News – first initiatives launched in Cambodia

July 1, 2019

On 22 and 23 June 2019, the eight journalism trainers who specialise in issues concerning sustainable development met in Phnom Penh.

These future trainers in the Mekong: Sustainable News project include the Managing Director of the TV station Apsara and its online edition, a PhD student from the Royal Academy of Cambodia who is studying issues relating to climate change, the Deputy Chief Editor at RFI Khmer Service, and Chief Editors of various Khmer digital media outlets.
Together, they were able to spend a few days expanding their knowledge of how environmental issues are covered in Cambodia.

This first session focused on journalism training techniques and on the importance given to scientific journalism in reports broadcast in Cambodia. The aim was to consolidate and refine the teaching techniques that these trainers already use within their editorial teams, in order to create specialist training courses covering topics such as food security, air pollution and water quality.

The first day was attended by spokespeople from the Cambodian Ministries of the Environment and of Information, who reiterated their pledge to support the implementation of the Mekong: Sustainable News project and highlighted the essential role played by journalists in times of fast-paced development.