Multimedia workshop at Siliana

Multimedia workshop at Siliana

October 5, 2016

The Al Khatt association has organised a multimedia production workshop at Siliana, (Tunisia) from 3 to 9 September 2016 for fifteen young people who have already trained as citizen journalists.

Trained by the Mylène Sauloy (information officer) Monia Ben Hammadi, who heads up the Inkyfada editorial team, a local trainer from the Jaridaty network, Bedis Belguith, and Houssem Bouchiba from Tunisie Bondy Blog, the group collectively produced material for a future multimedia file about Siliana.

Inkyfada media also led storyboard-writing, design and technique workshops from 1 to 3 October in Tunis, provided by Malek Khadhraoui and Chayma Mehdi, Inkyfada's Publication Director and Lab Director, respectively.

If the editorial staff deems the content to be of sufficient quality, the final product may be disseminated on the Inkyfada website.

This multimedia production workshop draws its inspiration from the Kerkennah workshop organised by CFI within the context of the Shabab Up' Ecoles project, which resulted in the production of a web documentary.