OpenData Media: the chosen candidates

OpenData Media: the chosen candidates

October 3, 2016

Following the call for proposals launched on 9 September 2016, 25 journalists and leaders of civil society organisations from Francophone Africa have been selected from among the 184 completed applications that were received.

They will attend the training programme in the use of open data and will also participate in the Open Government Partnership Summit, which will take place in Paris from 7 to 9 December 2016, where they will represent around ten countries from Francophone Africa. Eight of the selected participants are women.

The chosen candidates are

  • Lalaissa Abdoulaye Maiga
  • Astou Nathalie Sidibé
  • Fodé Sanikayi Kouyaté
  • Mamadou Alpha Diallo
  • Madeleine Ngeunga
  • Paul Joel Kamtchang
  • Fils Simon Pierre Tonye
  • Christelle Kouetcha Tcheulatchue
  • Basidou Kinda
  • Gabriel Kambou
  • Gaston Sawadogo
  • Bagnoumana Bazo Fofana
  • Cheick Mohamed Diaby
  • Kanzeheli Rosine Mideh
  • Guiako Obin
  • Silvere Thomas Ayissi Elandi
  • Gna-Guele Seid
  • Fabienne Rafidiharinirina
  • Natacha Prisca Rananjarison
  • Rosine Agossi Kededji
  • Comlangan Souleyman Tobias
  • Ayékotan Ayaovi Akpaki
  • Richard Komlan Folly
  • Blaise Ndola
  • Alain Binibangili Mohimbo

The above group will also be joined by 25 journalists representing the Arab world and South Asia.