Une journaliste d’Open Data Médias lauréate d’un prix international

An OpenData Media journalist receives an international award

June 23, 2017

Madeleine Ngeungua has won the Forest Media Award for her investigative reporting on the Douala swamp forests.

Young Cameroonian journalist Madeleine Ngeungua trained in the use of open data in late 2016, as part of the OpenData Media project run by CFI in the run-up to the OGP summit in Paris.

She began her investigation into Cameroon's forests during the course of this training, which enabled her to incorporate a "data" dimension into the results of her work. Her article, published on her blog in April 2017, exposes the environmental disaster affecting the Bois des Singes mangrove forest on the Cameroon estuary.

In recognition of this work, she has now received the Forest Media Award (ForMA). Organised by FODER (Forêts et Développement Rural), this annual prize rewards journalists and media organisations for their efforts in promoting knowledge and awareness about forest management.