Qudra: already 2 million views on Facebook

Qudra: already 2 million views on Facebook

January 10, 2019

For several months, CFI has been producing and broadcasting informative videos intended for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Libya and Turkey on social media and on television. These short videos have been a huge success.

For almost three years, CFI has been managing the media component of the European programme Qudra. CFI ensures the collection and dissemination of useful information for the daily life of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Libya, in order to reduce social tensions between refugees and host communities.

The first information campaign was launched in Jordan in May 2018 on the subject of employment, considered to be of prime importance by both Jordanians and Syrians. Fifteen videos were produced, explaining, for example, to Syrian refugees how to obtain a work permit or to the Jordanian population how to assert their rights in the workplace. Shared on a Facebook page with over 76,000 members, the videos have been viewed over 2 million times during the 8-month campaign. To increase their reach, the videos are also broadcast daily on two national and regional television channels.

Other campaigns are planned for the near future on subjects such as legal documentation, waste management and education – in Jordan, but also in Libya and Turkey.