Radio Zoukpana relocates for a special day in Wapo

October 30, 2017

A special day for Radio Zoukpana and a first for the inhabitants of Wapo, a village located 8 km from Berberati (Central African Republic), which welcomed all the journalists of this community radio station for a debate "away from base" and in public on the subject of "Wapo, a local example of social cohesion".

Organised by CFI and its partner ARC on 28 June 2017 as part of the journalistic coaching of Radio Zoukpana, this "general public" programme aimed to strengthen social cohesion, advocate community living and improve the grounding of Radio Zoukpana in the community of Wapo.Organised in the town hall square, it brought together the population, the entire team of Radio Zoukpana, the local and administrative authorities and the partners of the "Recovery and Stabilisation in CAR" project, Expertise France, ASF, CFI and ARC.

Accompanied by traditional entertainment and dancing, tribal leaders retraced the history of Wapo for the journalists' microphones. Then the "returned" (people who have come back after leaving the village at the height of the crisis) told their stories. Issues regarding alternative forms of dispute resolution and social cohesion were then discussed with the examining magistrate of Berberati District Court, ASF and the director of social affairs and reconciliation. The journalists were able to alternate questions to the guests and speeches by the people, all in a friendly atmosphere.

This experience was warmly welcomed by all the people and authorities present. For their part, the journalists were able to fully appreciate their role in the development of the region for true social cohesion.

“Thanks to this coaching, especially during the public debate in Wapo, the radio station went to the listeners, it became theirs!", Constant Dipot, Chief Editor at Zoukpana.

This activity is part of the media component of the "Recovery and Stabilisation in CAR" pilot project, financed by the Bêkou Trust Fund with co-financing from the European Union, and run by Expertise France in partnership with Avocats sans frontières Belgium (ASF) and CFI.