Raising awareness of social cohesion issues amongst Iraqi journalists

October 9, 2019

The Tafael project, launched at a seminar in September 2019, will support the post-crisis stabilisation process through the media in northern Iraq.

This day of discussion and reflection, which brought together around 40 media outlets, universities and members of civil society organisations of Nineveh Governorate, highlighted challenges that regional media outlets currently encounter, such as journalist safety, the proliferation of hate speech on social networks or the ongoing difficulty of breaking down stereotypes. Stories of solidarity among residents of Governorate were shared, contrasting with the most widespread perceptions.

Rejecting violent and intolerant speech

These debates also focused on common responsibilities and joint missions to promote social cohesion. They are all committed to promoting the ethics of journalism, human rights - including women's rights - and to rejecting violent and intolerant speech. Compliance with these principles will be reflected in media productions and will contribute to the promotion of social cohesion through the media.

Tafael will then train 45 young people in journalism practices in the context of stabilisation. They will then be supported in the production of content covering these themes. The reports will be broadcast by partner media, mainly those who participated in this inaugural seminar. The project will also include the creation of a web media outlet at the University of Mosul, which will allow students to be trained to cover the news and cohesion topics.