SafirLab welcomes 26 participants in Paris

SafirLab welcomes 26 participants in Paris

November 5, 2018

The first SafirLab workshops begin this Monday 5 November in Paris. The 2018 programme received over 1000 applications and 26 participants were selected.

SafirLab is designed as an incubator for social innovation projects initiated by project leaders aged between 20 and 30 from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen.


STEPS (Science Technology Engineering Projects)
is a FabLab project open to young Algerians, to introduce them to scientific culture and sustainable development using new technologies. Open source solutions and digital tools will be made available to children to give them a taste for innovation.
Oumaima's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to obtain a legal status for her enterprise and find a local mentor.

Rim Kelouaze | 29 years old | Houses of earth for sustainable development
This eco-friendly project involves building and restoring houses and equipment using earth-based materials (bricks, mortar, paints) to promote the principles of sustainable development. Initially tested in the arid region of Touggourt, the project should ultimately enable quality standards to be defined for construction using earth and skilled workers to be trained.
Rim's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to gain skills to structure her business plan and benefit from expert advice in the field of construction.

Aimen Bennouna | 24 years old | Ineffable art et culture (Ineffable art and culture)
Ineffable art and culture is a heritage mediation project involving a magazine and a documentary web platform. The aim is to promote Algerian art and cultural heritage and to encourage new generations to take an interest in their cultural identity.
Aimen's hopes : With SafirLab, he hopes to develop his journalism skills and work on project management.


Bakhan Jaafar Hama | 22 years old | Civil Development Organization
Registered as an NGO, the initiative assists Syrian female refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan, providing them with psychological and social services.
The aim is to support them in gaining economic independence in order to improve their daily life, and to reduce violence within refugee communities.
Bakhan Jaafar's hopes
: With SafirLab, she hopes to learn how to pitch her project and discover tools for strategic analysis in her operational field.

Mostafa Alaidaros | 26 ans | The Stage
The aim is to develop an educational and cultural online platform called The Stage to teach young Iraqis the principles of project management and self-employment. The Stage will become the model tool of the first incubator in Baghdad.
Mostafa's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to gain feedback on the digital platforms and benefit from project management support.


Hadeel Matahen | 21 years old | Oyser
Following an agricultural project on mushrooms carried out at university, Hadeel and her team learnt to produce hydrogen and convert it into methane which can be sold and exported. The aim is to become a supplier to the Jordanian public gas company, making it possible to lower Jordan's very high gas prices and reach neglected rural areas.
Hadeel's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to benefit from critical scrutiny of her project and help to overcome its weak points.

Jaser Al Harases | 24 years old | Robotna
This start-up offers robotic science training for children aged 9 to 16 from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and refugee camps.
The project reduces educational inequalities and indirectly promotes integration of child refugees into Jordanian and Yemeni society.
Jaser's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to benefit from expertise in the field of school education and to enable his project to expand.

Qusai Damrah | 27 years old | Jordan Waste Chutes
Jordan Waste Chutes is a prototype chute for the environmental sorting of waste, installed directly in buildings. Qusai imagines several models of chute; the most expensive models intended for the wealthy neighbourhoods of Amman would finance the cheaper installation of chutes in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and refugee camps.
Qusai's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to further his knowledge in the waste management sector and receive advice on developing his business plan.


Andalib Al Halabi | 21 years old | Green Pyramids
Le projet consiste à transformer les toits d'immeubles en terrains agricoles sous la forme de pyramides semi-hydroponiques (culture hors sol). Cela permet de limiter l'import de nourriture et de professionnaliser des jeunes au chômage dans une région rurale disposant de peu de moyens.
Les attentes d'Andalib : Avec SafirLab, elle espère parvenir à stabiliser son projet et mettre en place son business plan.

Tania Ayoub | 30 ans | Savvy Element
The project involves the conversion of building roofs into agricultural land in the form of semi-hydroponic pyramids (growing plants without soil). This makes it possible to limit the import of food and provide jobs for unemployed young people in a rural region with few resources.
Tania's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to gain expertise in green chemistry and meet professionals in this sector.

Zeina Awaydate | 29 years old | Siraj Akkhar
Siraj Akkhar is a third place: a space for culture, study, entertainment and coworking. The centre is apolitical and non-denominational, and also hosts activities for the integration of refugees.
Zeina's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to ensure her project's financial sustainability and learn how to mobilise communities.


Rasha Elghorour | 26 years old | Du sport et des droits (Sport and rights)
Led by Rasha, a former elite Libyan football player, this project to open the first cultural and sports club for women in Tripoli and Benghazi will offer Libyan women a safe space where they can play sport and become more aware of their rights.
Rasha's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to receive help in looking for financing and benefit from feedback.

Fatimah Nasser | 21 years old | Yummy
Yummy is an online platform connecting women who prepare meals at home with consumers in three Libyan cities. Jobs are offered to women and to young people who deliver the meals.
Fatimah's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to adapt her business plan to the challenges in the sector and enable her project to expand.

Fatma Omrani | 28 years old | Tagra-wla
This electronic platform highlights the issues faced by women and minorities through articles and investigations, videos and short films, to promote a culture of rights and pluralism.
Fatma's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to develop this new project, which forms an integral part of a Tamazight association, making it a point of reference on the situation of women.


Khadija Khafid | 26 years old | “Fais entendre ta voix" (Make your voice heard)
“Fais entendre ta voix" is an initiative created by two young community activists opposed to violence against women, encouraging them to speak up and protest against abuse. The association organises advocacy workshops and raises public awareness on its social networks.
Khadija's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to gain media exposure and meet partners.

Youssef Askour | 26 years old | Association Jeunesse, Culture et citoyenneté (Youth, Culture and Citizenship Association)
The Youth, Culture and Citizenship Association is an Internet radio station relating to the culture and art of Morocco. It explains the current issues facing associations, artists and intellectuals and offers a national guide to all cultural organisations.
Youssef's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to develop the skills necessary for the success of a cultural Internet radio station.

Anass Chaioura | 28 years old | Autisport
The main aim of Autisport is the integration of autistic children aged 5 to 14 by means of suitable physical and motor activities within a sports club in the city of Kenitra and in the region of Rabat Sale.
Anass's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to receive training in advocacy techniques and advice on running an association.

Youssef Semlali | 24 years old | O'Frec
O'Frec is a sustainable cooperative project which will recycle used cooking oils to make environmentally friendly candles and soap. The O'Frec team won the first COP22 green innovation prize in 2017.
Youssef's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to share his experience with the other participants and attend workshops to develop his skills.


Hala Shakhshir | 27 years old | Askadar
Askadar is a cultural centre providing around 100 young Palestinian children with classes relating to the arts (dance, music, visual arts) and languages (English, German, French). A scholarship system allows disadvantaged children to attend the centre and express their talents.
Hala's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to open her project to the digital sector and develop it in other towns.

Sulaima Ramadan | 28 years old | Puppets 4 kids
Puppets 4 kids is a project of the NGO Yes Theater, which uses puppetry and cultural animation to promote the psychosocial and educational development of children from disadvantaged Palestinian neighbourhoods. Certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education, the project particularly targets 5- to 13-year-olds affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Sulaima's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to benefit from local mentorship to develop her project, and share her experience with other young people from North Africa and the Middle East.

Basel Amarneh | 25 years old | Fermes H20 (H20 Farms)
Basel's enterprise fits hydroponic installations on the roofs of Palestinian buildings and trains people living in poverty in hydroponic farming. Next year, five to ten thousand people will benefit from this process, a patent for which will be filed.
Basel's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to adapt his economic model to the Palestinian context and learn how to run professional training courses.

Ahmad Ragabi | 24 years old | Makers of Data Stories
Makers of Data Stories aims to develop the skills of journalists in the field of big data, enabling them to better inform the public and create effective information documents and dynamic multimedia content.
Ahmad's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to learn how to raise funds and meet experts in the field of big data.


Ghada Bensalah | 28 years old | Radiocean
Radiocean is an Internet radio station featuring a blog, which publishes, on a daily basis, articles on civil society and young people active in Tunisian society, the values of universal human rights, equality and youth issues.
Ghada's hopes: With SafirLab, she hopes to gain skills in the media field and improve working conditions for her project.

Abdel Malek Ben Abdallah | 26 years old | Radio Mahdia 1
Radio Mahdia 1 is a socio-cultural radio station aimed at young people, intended to promote the city of Mahdia by highlighting its cultural heritage and history.
Abdel Malek's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to meet local media specialists and benefit from support over the medium term.

Taha Barkoui | 24 years old | YTCA
YTCA is a social enterprise offering children aged 5 to 16 a series of workshops in computer programming, ICT and robotics. The aim is to develop their skills so that they become innovative project leaders.
Taha's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to reflect on the development of his enterprise, in order to extend it to the south of the country.

Mondher Tounsi | 21 years old | Kasserine Catalyst
This coworking space project will break the symbolic embargo around the city of Kasserine, which suffers from isolation and unemployment. The cultural and student space, provided with digital equipment, will offer advocacy workshops and information on entrepreneurship in Tunisia.
Mondher's hopes: With SafirLab, he hopes to receive guidance for his project and meet French partners.