Samia Bayouli: edit the news with journalists and record it with my voice

November 12, 2019

In June 2019, the MediaLab Campus project awarded grants to ten female students and five male students studying journalism in schools across Europe and the Mediterranean and looking to undertake an internship in a foreign media outlet over the summer. Samia Bayouli, a student at Université de la Manouba in Tunisia was interning at MCD in Paris, France in September.

Since my high school, I have dreamed of becoming a famous news journalist like I watched them daily on television. It was a challenge between me and myself until I passed my baccalaureate and I automatically chose to study journalism. Today, I am studying for my second MA degree in multi-platform media at the Institute of Journalism and News Sciences. I have always been looking for an international training opportunity to do outside the country, especially in the radio cause it has been my dream since entering the Institute of Journalism and News Science.

Providing news, reports and press releases proposed in newsletters, as well as many cultural radio programs. This grant was a gift to my encouragement. The dream comes true. Today, I am interning in the Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya in France. I edit the news with journalists and record it with my voice to read it in many publications.

I advise all journalism learners not to look at media experiences within their own countries, but they should look for opportunities in other countries to enrich their experiences and to contact excellent journalists with expertise and history in the field.