Saysha Attimer, a well-respected chief

Saysha Attimer, a well-respected chief

March 8, 2019

Since the launch of the Naila project, which is supporting the professionalisation of eleven African online media outlets, one ambitious and remarkable figure has really stood out from the crowd: Saysha Attimer. Profile of a strong young woman who became the chief of the group.

Saysha, or “Ache" as she is known to her friends, is of Chadian descent, but now lives a stone's throw from Dakar. Born in Belgium 38 years ago and now a mother of three and operations manager for the website, this iron lady says that she feels at ease wherever she goes. Following in her father's footsteps, she has travelled the world, learnt languages and enriched her life by experiencing other cultures. A fluent speaker of Arabic, English, French, Wolof (and a smattering of Spanish and Norwegian), she is “the product of several cultures". “I'm not complaining. I give my all in everything that I need to do, not for my own happiness, but for that of my peers!", states this eternal optimist.

When embarking upon the redesign of the Tchad Infos site in 2017, its director, Mamadou Djimtebaye, commissioned Ache to revamp this online media outlet, in terms of both its strategic plan and its human resources. A significant challenge for the young woman, who is aware that she benefited greatly from the training offered by the project:
"When I took on Tchad Infos, I was taking my first steps into the world of media, which coincided with the call for applications for the Naila project. Thanks to the sheer diversity of the topics covered, this project was hugely beneficial to me, from both a personal and a professional point of view. I'm now thinking about setting up my own media outlet".

However, Ache has also become a leading figure within the “Naila tribe", as she likes to call her fellow African journalists who have also benefited from the project. This determined born leader effortlessly ensures the cohesion of the group and has no qualms about using her withering sense of humour to rally the troops. Helène Doubidji, director of Togotopnews can attest to this:
"During our travels, she takes care of almost everything. She makes sure that everything is working as it should, she organises and coordinates recreational excursions and she likes to tease people with funny jokes. Her real strength lies in the fact that she always considers the common good. We all regard her as a kind of mother figure, which is precisely why we have given her the nickname Chief Ache!"
Momath Don, a blogger for the Congolese website, Habari, also appreciates "her outspokenness, her diplomacy, her profound knowledge and her heightened sense of organisation".

A reputation that is confirmed by her boss, Mamadou Djimtebaye: "She is a great conductor. Presiding over a horde of men, both at home and at work, Ache does everything, manages everything, thinks of everything and is everything to us!"