She’s got something to say: woman as woman’s best ally

She’s got something to say: woman as woman’s best ally

March 6, 2020

"Woman is the future of man. She is the colour of his soul. She is his rumour and his sound. And without her, he is nothing but blasphemy", wrote Louis Aragon. Such is the motto of the She's got something to say project launched during a seminar on 2 February 2019 in Algiers and devoted to the image of women in the media.

The event was held in the presence of representatives of the European Union delegation, Algerian associations, NGOs, academics, professors, citizens, journalists and media researchers. The team, composed mainly of women, has since worked on a number of topics, including the current status of women in the media in the Arab world, journalistic and communication capacity-building among women, and the importance of new media production tools to promote women's rights, individual freedoms and values.

All these ideas are discussed during group training sessions run by experts and focused on the production of interactive content on the question of North African women, the importance of freedom of expression, and gender equality in society.

A space for exchange and high-quality tools

The journalists have access to high-quality digital tools that will enable them to be more creative in their output. “She’s got something to say”: there could be no better name for the project. Courageous, ambitious and militant, the members of the Algerian association Femmes en communication, at the origin of this initiative, wanted to promote female citizens within their countries by creating a space for exchange and audiovisual production.

Despite significant progress, particularly in the Arab world, women remain marginalised in some parts of society. This project aims to support their skills and strengths so that they can become more integrated in society, the local Algerian media and internationally.

She's got something to say is one of the 18 selected projects receiving support from D-Jil since 2018. What these ambitious and innovative projects have in common is a desire to do things differently and to open up new perspectives for young people in the Arab world through topics that affect and concern them.

Co-financed by the European Union and supported by CFI, in partnership with the Fondation Samir Kassir, FMAS, IREX Europe and Leaders of Tomorrow, D-JIL fosters active citizenship and autonomy in young people in nine Arab world countries, using online media as a vehicle.