Strengthening radio station marketing and financial management

February 2, 2017

Eight community-based or commercial radio-station managers received training in marketing and financial management for radio stations on a course which ran from 25 January to 2 February 2017 in Bembèrèkè (Benin).

Benin's grass-roots radio stations must become more viable and financially more independent if they are to become a true force, alongside civil society organizations, for citizen-led public initiatives.

This week of workshops was an opportunity to work on strengthening skills essential for a radio station manager. Those who took part, from Cotonou, Parakou, Bembèrèkè, Nikki, Kandi, Segbana and Banikoara, were trained, for example, in human/technical skills management and in how to adapt programming schedules to suit the radio station's available means and objectives.
The end of the week was devoted to reflecting on strategies to increase a radio station's resources.

This training session was organised under the project "Benin Citizens' Dialogues".
Managers were then shown how to implement the plan to develop a radio station.