Tous à la Fada and Tous au Grin: two programmes that speak to young

March 26, 2020

Studio Tamani and Studio Kalangou both launched a new programme aimed at young people in 2019 that was broadcast on 72 community radio stations in Mali and 41 in Niger. More than 1000 shows had been produced and broadcast by the end of the year.

Starting from June, these programmes were broadcast in the majority languages of Mali and Niger (Bambara, Songhai, Fula, Tamasheq and French) every weekend. The programmes cover news, sport and culture and discuss topics such as the education of girls and young women or the role played by groups specifically created to support them, in Niger, and violence committed against women, in Mali.

These shows have received glowing feedback from listeners who particularly appreciate the radio segments that tackle subjects that are usually ignored in the media. The programmes are all the more accessible because they are also available on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and the studios' websites).

"Thank you Studio Kalangou for considering young people. They can find out about what matters to them every weekend now."
Rouky, a listener to the show from Téra, in the Tillabéri region of Niger

Fada at the Boukoki National Youth Reference Centre with Rabi Maikano
Photo by: Studio Kalangou

Programmes on tour

The programme even goes on the road quite often to meet its listeners by way of live broadcasts that take place in non-conventional settings and blend music, vox pops, interviews and varied segments in which a live audience and people on social media can ask questions directly to the people invited to speak. The studios have travelled to Dosso and Tillabéri in Niger and even Mopti in Mali. These trips allow the studios to become firmly embedded in the community in the regions and capitals and so the visits can be recognised and take place regularly. The studios intend to go on the road even more often in 2020.

The great success of these programmes has also made them stand out from others in Niger and Mali. A number of external radio stations have asked if they can broadcast the magazine programmes on their airwaves in Mali, for example.

In January 2020, Studio Tamani even received the "Gender" label in recognition of its professionalism, independence and commitment to raising awareness of gender-related issues in its broadcast programming. This label was awarded by the NGO Tuwindi, which acts as a media watchdog and oversees audits in the field of media. Obtaining this label underlines the efforts undertaken by the studio to define a gender equality policy and apply it to both its journalists and content.

New horizons have been opening up since 2020 following a decline in television and video formats. The concept is simple – to suggest short, dynamic and punchy formats that depict young people in an inspiring way.

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