The Tunisian media prepare for the upcoming elections

September 9, 2019

At the end of August 2019, CFI and Barr al aman organised two training sessions in Djerba and Sousse focusing on the issues relating to the presidential elections of 15 September and the legislative elections of 6 October.

The training sessions were attended by around twenty journalists from different provinces (Gafsa, Gabès, Sfax, Medenine, Tataouine, Djerba, Sousse, Kairouan, Kasserine and Jendouba) and various media outlets, including the Tunis Afrique Presse TAP agency, Dream FM, Jawhara FM, Shems FM, the newspaper Al Chourouk, the Tunisie Bondy Blog website.

The two trainers, Michel Urvoy (a former political columnist in Ouest-France) and Sana Sbouai (a journalist at Barr al aman), worked with them on the four stages of the election: - everything that needed to be known about the election itself;
- the state of the country or regions at the end of the ending mandate;
- what needed to be known about the candidates and projects;
- and the main issues that needed to be discussed.
They then reviewed the different ways of handling an election campaign.

Each journalist presented their media outlet’s editorial project for covering the elections and received personalised advice. They also learned to use free online tools to enhance their content.

The Arabic version of the journalists’ electoral handbook was handed out at the beginning of each session, as well as a fact sheet on the necessary preparatory work.