Vietnam: VTV modernises its editorial department

Vietnam: VTV modernises its editorial department

April 25, 2013

French independent director and CFI expert Charles Dubois will be in Hanoi from 22 to 30 April 2013, tasked with advising journalists on its editorial team how to prepare, present and produce the news programme.

Aimed at the station's editorial staff, this initiative heralds a new partnership drive with VTV.

Against the backdrop of Vietnam's highly competitive environment, the broadcaster has set itself some ambitious goals, teaming up with CFI to define specific areas for cooperation for 2013-14. These include boosting the influence of youth channel VTV6, spearheading the modernisation of a multi-format editorial approach, ramping up programme interactivity and helping to manage the training centre.
In doing so, the channel hopes to be in a position to adapt quickly to the changing expectations of Vietnamese viewers, who are heavy users of social networks. Another major issue for the station is the transition to digital terrestrial television.

Other initiatives involving VTV have been scheduled for the coming months, such as training coordinators from the training centre, creating new programme formats, organising a seminar about interactivity and delivering training on programming and the basics of journalism.