The Way from Tahrir #2, follow up of the Egyptian web documentary

The Way from Tahrir #2, follow up of the Egyptian web documentary

March 27, 2012

In October 2011, 12 journalists gathered in Cairo for a 4M workshop built the first Egyptian web documentary. They met up again in March 2012 to carry on with their work.

During the first workshop, these Egyptian journalists - coming from the independent press, radio stations and TV channels (Yom7, Al Ahram, Elshorouk, ElmasryElyoum, radio Hoqook, Semat ...) supervised by 3 French journalists, Valérie Smith Defournier (freelancer), Marco Nassivera ( Arte) et Benoît Califano (Journalism College of Lille "ESJ" – Montpellier)- worked for a week on the notion of «global media». In the course of the workshop, they built: " The way from Tahrir - Tahrir… so what?", a series of multimedia reports with the starting point of an interactive map of the area of Cairo where several symbolic places or significant in Egyptian political news (Tahrir, the Parliament, Cairo train station, Horreya coffee shop, the Faggala district.... ).

The same participants gathered again in Cairo from 11th to 17th March 2012, with Marco Nassivera and Benoît Califano, to deepen their multimedia journalism practices during a second workshop and produce the follow up of "The way from Tahrir".

This second part explores the Egyptian post-revolutionary period by drawing the portraits of well-known figures in the arts and literature through a multimedia narration.
Each figure (writer, painter, poet...) was chosen according to the interest of his/her reflection and of his/her social and political commitment in Egyptian society.

He/She expresses his/her vision of the situation in Egypt, his/her democratic hopes and his/her fear of seeing freedom of expression, thoughts and creativeness become narrower.
For each portrait, we can comprehend the figure´s world in several ways: by a chosen place, object, photo, sentence, which lead to an extract of the interview with this figure in the form of text, sound or video.

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