Wissal Idbella: discover how journalism is practiced in a neighboring country

Wissal Idbella: discover how journalism is practiced in a neighboring country

October 9, 2019

In June 2019, the MediaLab Campus project awarded grants to ten female students and five male students studying journalism in schools across Europe and the Mediterranean and looking to undertake an internship in a foreign media outlet over the summer. Wissal Idbella, student at ISIC spent two months at the magazine Réalités in August-September, in Tunis, Tunisia.

I discovered the Medialab Campus Scholarship by chance, when I was systematically reviewing the bulletin board at my school. I learn that only 15 fellows will be chosen, and said to myself that I will never have a chance, and I forgot about it! A few days later, with the help of my friends, I took courage and I applied. My application was accepted and I was so moved!

For me, this scholarship is a magic key that allowed me to open a door that seemed impossible to go through. I come from a low-income family and that would have never allowed me to pay for a stay abroad to do an internship. Medialab Campus has given me a great financial support that permitted me to live the experience and benefit from it.

My basic training was in Arabic and I always wondered if I could practice journalism in a francophone media. This internship provided me with a double opportunity, first, to do an internship abroad and secondly, to check what I can produce in French. This internship is also an opportunity to discover how journalism is practiced in a neighboring country. I have heard and read that Tunisia ranks well with regards to my country in terms of freedom of the press, I wanted to check to what extent this press was free.

I'm learning a lot in this internship.It is a productive experience. I am well mentored. I'm also lucky because I'll be witnessing the presidential elections in a few days , and I will participate in the media coverage of a milestone event for Tunisia.

I guess the other trainees have completed their internships, I hope they took the opportunity to discover the culture of the hosting countries. I would have liked to meet the other trainees and build new relationships, but unfortunately no one had chosen to come to Tunisia.

For those who dream of becoming journalists I say: "Keep your passion burning! In difficult times you will need it; it will remind you of the reason for your choice. It is this passion that will help you recover and continue the journey. "