Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation

Zambia: Coping with Competition

August 27, 2013

What can be done to boost ZNBC's audiences and advertising revenues?

CFI organised an assignment to provide support to the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation from 22 to 26 July 2013.

Pierre-Paul Vander Sande, an expert in advertising-space sales (formerly the Director of France Télévisions Publicité International), suggested some practical solutions for pricing, prospecting and how to organise teams in the field.

The top twenty marketing and sales executives at ZNBC took part in the training.
Practical workshops were organised daily, providing them with an opportunity to discuss and put the advice provided by the expert into very practical form.
An action plan was drafted on the basis of their teamwork and submitted to channel management.

The ZNBC still has a monopoly on national coverage

The aim is therefore to consolidate the channel's commercial strengths while modernising its practices.
As Mr Vander Sande put it, "we need to understand the changes underway on the Zambian market and prepare for upcoming technical innovations and advertisers' new demands."

Faced with the emergence of private competition and the fragmentation of audiences that comes with the digital switchover, CFI is proposing its support for African channels seeking to monetise their content effectively.