Best Female Talents

Best Female Talents


To provide training for female French-speaking African writers to take part in the production of television series programmes.
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May 2018
December 2018
This project is finished


In 2013, CFI launched the The Afrique au féminin competition, in conjunction with Canal + Afrique, with a view to selecting young female African directors. Two writing workshops and production support helped them to shoot their documentaries, which were then broadcast on Canal+ Afrique.

In 2017 and 2018, CFI renewed its support for African fiction, to mobilise the continent's best female talents in the field of writing, assisting them in the design of a television series with the Talents de femmes [Best Female Talents] project.
The series "Miss Jella, l'envoûtée" [Miss Jella, the bewitched] tells the story of a young "repat" who has left life in Paris behind and returned to the country, and will be filmed during the first half of 2019.

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Best Female Talents(PDF - 331.37 KB)

Project beneficiaries

Female French-speaking African writers/scriptwriter.

Project manager


1.Training and remote mentoring

After writing workshops which resulted in the writing of 8 episodes of the series, remote mentoring of the 3 writers provided by the scriptwriting expert.

2.Writing workshop

Final writing workshop to refine the 8 episodes of the series, in order to improve the work on dialogue in the episodes of the series.

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