Guinea Citizen Info

Guinea Citizen Info


Strengthen the role and technical skills of the media and CSOs in the citizen-led control of public initiatives in Guinea.
Promote the long-term coordinated action of the country’s media and CSOs in that control, by making full use of their complementary natures and their synergies.
Pass on the information obtained through this control to the people and public authorities.
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June 2017
June 2018
This project is finished


Since the democratic elections held in 2010, various institutions have gradually been established in the Republic of Guinea (including a national assembly and a constitutional court) which underpin a Rule of Law that respects the principles and values of democracy.

Sadly, the country still regularly suffers from instances of corrupt governance (such as the questionable awarding of contracts or the embezzlement of public funds), which makes the concept of citizen-led control a powerful tool for strengthening democracy and improving governance, as it makes it possible to hold public decision-makers to account and inform and mobilise the people. However, it depends heavily on easy and seamless access to information.

The aim of the Guinea Citizen Info project is to encourage the media and civil society organisations (CSOs) in Guinea to come together and work towards the citizen-led control of public initiatives, chiefly through concrete projects advocating the correct management of public resources. It also seeks to promote the relevant best practices for accessing and using information that are needed for effective citizen-led control, and to forge and instil a long-term culture of cooperation between the media and CSOs, based on their complementary natures and their synergies.

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Guinea Citizen Info(PDF - 454.64 KB)
The training has made us better equipped to search for, map and extract data.
Saidou MAREGA, Guinée Développement et Environnement (GUIDRE) - Faranah

Project beneficiaries

-13 journalists and 13 CSO representatives
-7 co-trainers from the media and Projeg (a coordinated programme for strengthening the capabilities of civil society organisations and young Guinean citizens)
-members of the media outlets and CSOs receiving training
-local partners (Cellule Balai citoyen and Ablogui)

Project manager

1.Training workshops for co-trainers

Three journalists who work for the partner media outlets and/or who have been involved in past CFI initiatives, and who are also Projeg coordinators, shall receive training in order to bolster their knowledge of citizen-led control and strengthen their abilities to jointly lead the future workshops, or even lead them on their own, and to supervise and guide the citizen-led control projects devised and rolled out by the groups of two.

2.Workshops for the coordinated planning of projects

Thirteen groups of two shall be trained and guided in planning and rolling out concrete citizen-led control projects. These workshops shall also include training in investigative journalism and an introduction to open data.

  • 1.Supervising and guiding the groups of two

Ongoing, customised supervision of each group of two.

  • 2.Putting regional secondary schools in the picture

In order to embed these projects in a local context and guarantee both the long-term future and the development of these partnerships, the groups of two shall give reports of their enquiries and investigations at Projeg's regional secondary schools.

  • 3.Assessment seminar and closing ceremony

This seminar and the closing ceremony will bring together the groups of two behind each of the projects, as well as the partners, the directors of the media outlets and the CSOs, the supervising/guiding team and the authorities involved.

Joining forces for greater citizen-led control

November 29, 2017

Several workshops have taken place in Guinea this year, bringing together 13 two-person teams (one a journalist working in radio, TV or the online press, the other a Civil Society Organisation representative) in order to guide them in devising and then implementing their citizen-led control projects.

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