Modernisation of ORTM in preparation for the switch to DTT

Modernisation of ORTM in preparation for the switch to DTT


Prepare ORTM for the transition to DTT through modernisation of its management and enhancing the professional skills of its staff



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January 2014
December 2015
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In 2014, after two years of political upheaval in Mali, ORTM – the Malian Radio and Television Broadcasting Bureau – is preparing for the transition to DTT and bracing itself against competition from new free channels.

Supported by the national Ministry of Communication, the Malian state broadcaster wishes to reform its practices and adapt its equipment to the opportunities offered by DTT to enable it to offer a more attractive, hard-hitting range of programmes. ORTM, which until now has had a monopoly over the free television market, wants to draw up a training plan that will enable it to fulfil its role as national broadcaster while withstanding competition from new channels.

The state broadcaster wants to make good use of the months remaining before the switch to digital to restructure and modernise its organisation. It will focus on two areas to achieve this aim: improvement of the management skills of its senior management and strengthening of its operational departments by enhancing the professional skills of its staff.

The action plan drawn up with CFI will enable the ORTM to negotiate the shift from the opening of the audiovisual space to competition and, on the other hand, to record the needs and expectations of Malian society at the center of its programming approach, so that the chain evolves towards a modern, competitive and quality public service.
Mohamed Soumana Maiga, Malian Minister of the Digital Economy, Information and Communication.

Project beneficiaries

The general management of ORTM, the Human Resources Department, the Programmes Department, the Sales and Marketing Department, TV and radio newsrooms, the Internet service, graphic designers, editors and directors.

Project manager


1.Conduct an audit focusing on organisational aspects

Prior to drawing up the action plan for the modernisation of ORTM, two experts are conducting a full audit of the broadcaster's two TV channels and radio station.

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January 21, 2014

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2.Support in the area of organisational structure and training

With a focus on senior management, a number of initiatives are being undertaken for the structural reorganisation of ORTM and assessment of the skills of staff.

A media HR expert and audiovisual marketing specialist are working on the following areas:

  • Structural reorganisation of ORTM
  • Support in the drawing up of a skills evaluation plan
  • Training in modern management techniques
  • Training in audiovisual marketing

3.Interim report

At the end of this first stage, an initial report is drawn up to assess the relevance of the measures taken prior to the transfer of skills.

The first phase of the project is assessed in terms of the state of progress of the new organisation and the preparation of skills assessment forms for personnel.

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4.“Content” training

Over a period of 8 weeks, content training covers the following areas:

  • The news
  • Programme scheduling
  • Creation and management of TV trailers
  • Advertising
  • Websites and social networks

5.“Career” training

Over a total of 12 weeks, the training plan covers all of ORTM, both radio and TV:

  • Creation of TV report
  • Creation of a radio report
  • Presenting TV magazine shows
  • Radio presenting
  • Combining the skills of television journalist/editor for TV news
  • Long format video editing
  • Design of studio programmes

6.Final evaluation of the project

The project will be evaluated by an external firm

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