CFI is looking for a Regional Coordinator in Jordan or Lebanon

CFI is looking for a Regional Coordinator in Jordan or Lebanon

October 14, 2019

34 months (until 31st August 2022).

Context of the mission

CFI is the French media development agency, mainly funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, responsible for implementing public aid policy in the media sector in developing countries. CFI works alongside players operating in the media industry (TV, radio, written press, social media), whether state-owned or private owned as well civil society organizations. CFI is currently involved in around thirty projects that fall within three major programs: Media & Pluralism, Media & Enterprise and Media & Development.

In the frame of a multisectoral program implemented by a German, Spanish, Hungarian, Belgian and French consortium, CFI is contracted as an implementing partner to improve a direct access to information for both Syrian refugees and vulnerable host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. The goal of the project is to product and disseminate information flow to the Syrian beneficiaries and host communities in both countries, particularly regarding protection and legal aid. This will imply to design, set-up, and run a services-oriented information collection system across both countries, and disseminate information through different channels.
In the frame of this project, CFI is recruiting a Regional Coordinator, whose roles and responsibilities are detailed below.

Location :
Amman or Beirut, with regular travels

Project team organization

- The Regional Coordinator works in accordance with CFI HQ Mediterranean Region and Asia Director (based in Paris) guidelines.
- On a day-to-day basis, regarding all aspects of the project's implementation, the Regional Coordinator works in close coordination with CFI HQ Mediterranean Region and Asia Director (based in Paris) and the HQ Admin/FI officer, who are the contact persons in CFI HQ
- The Regional Coordinator directly supervises 2 national project managers respectively in Jordan/Lebanon and 1 admin/FI officer based in Jordan or Lebanon who are dedicated to the project.
- The Regional coordinator, with the local teams, also manage the suppliers and providers related to CFI activities

Functional links:
- The Regional Coordinator works closely with the program's consortium member's representatives (EF in priority, GIZ, AECID, HIA, ENABEL staff) and with local stakeholders;
- The Regional Coordinator works closely with CFI HQ (Mediterranean region and Asia management, Administration/Finance/Accounting services).


  • Øtakes part to the definition of the Project Coordinator's objectives and validates the main aspects of the project.
  • Øneeds to validate any strategic commitment towards main project's partners, specifically consortium members' representatives.

The Regional Coordinator regularly comes to Paris for monitoring missions in link with CFI HQ team.

Expected results

1) To supervise the overall CFI regional project in Jordan, and Lebanon, i.e. ensure its implementation and monitoring in accordance with the project proposal and annexes, and with EF and CFI procedures:

  • To ensure the project's objectives, results, activities, and targets are achieved. This mainly implies:
    - delivering an information sharing channeling vital service-based information for the Syrian refugees and host communities in the 2 targeted countries;
    - distributing vital service-based information for the Syrian refugees and host communities via various communication channels;
    - ensuring service-based information are narrated into clear and understandable messages to the Syrian refugees and host communities and continuously updated;
    -Bringing his/her input in the revision of results, activities, and targets to adapt to the changes of the operational context if need be, taking into account the existing global project's framework and EU/EF guidelines.
  • To ensure human, financial, logistic resources are well managed and allocated to contribute to the project's success;
  • In coordination with CFI HQ, to set up the activities and ensure their implementation in accordance with the project proposal, the validated budget, the workplan, and CFI contractual commitments with EF;
  • To elaborate and/or fine-tune project's implementation and monitoring tools (schedule, detailed action plan, logical framework, procurement plan, budget͙) and update them in close coordination with CFI HQ, in accordance with the project development and progression;
  • Keeping CFI Director updated on a weekly and monthly basis regarding activities implemented; ensure a good communication flow regarding the project's progress on the ground͖;
  • To regularly conduct field visits in both countries to make sure the activities are being implemented properly;
  • To capitalize on knowledge developed during the project (contribution to communication documents annual reports, etc. if need be);

Budget and financial management:

  • The project coordinator is responsible, with the help of the local admin/fi officer, of managing and monitoring local expenses in the country of affectation which he/she will monthly send to CFI HQ along with corresponding receipts.
  • The project coordinator supervises the 2 national project managers in doing the same.
  • The project coordinator is responsible of authorizing expenses in Jordan, and Lebanon according to the project's budget and expenses' approval grid.

2) To coordinate and manage the project's team as well as CFI regional coordination office in both countries:

  • Supervise and manage team members under his/her responsibility (priorities' management, absences' follow-up, etc.);
  • To ensure the project staff complies with CFI and EF procedures;
  • The Regional Coordinator is responsible of all aspects related to the regional coordination office: finance, local regulations, office organization charts, and logistics, in line with CFI/EF procedures.
  • To guarantee the respect of the countries' legislation and administrative regulation.

3) To represent CFI and coordinate with consortium members (firstly EF, GIZ, AECID, HIA, ENABEL), national authorities, international organizations and regional stakeholders through regular missions if need be:

  • To represent CFI and ensure good relations with the project's partners, organizations, and authorities in Lebanon and Jordan, and ensure that representation and good relations are well maintained.
  • To take part to all meetings organized by the authorities and project's consortium members, partners.
  • To ensure necessary agreements with Lebanese, and Jordanian authorities for the activities' implementation, to elaborate and formalize, and send them to CFI HQ for validation.
  • Validate any strategic commitment towards main project's partners, specifically consortium members' representatives with CFI HQ in Paris.

4) To ensure the project's reporting and communication:

  • To coordinate reporting related activities in Jordan, and Lebanon by liaising with the national project managers and ensure the good quality of reports in line with the donor's standards, guidelines, and deadlines;
  • To ensure there is a good communication and visibility of the project in the 2 countries;
  • To ensure the donors' visibility;
  • To write a final report at the end of the mission.

5) To coordinate the flow of information regarding security situation in Lebanon, and Jordan, and in link with EF, of CFI's premises security in Lebanon:

  • To analyze potential risks and threats on the team members' security and on CFI activities on the ground (information collection and analysis, networking with local actors).
  • Inform team members and CFI HQ of potential issues related to security, and manage this on a daily basis.
  • Brief team members regarding security and monitor accordingly their practices (ensure they comply with CFI/EF procedures)
  • Ensure briefing of team members according to any specific security guidelines from the HQ.

6) To contribute to the development of CFI in the region:

  • To take part to discussions related to CFI strategy in the region if needed in close cooperation with CFI HQ, which can lead to writing or input project documents/proposals.

Language proficiency

  • Arabic: full professional proficiency highly appreciated
  • French: highly appreciated
  • English: full professional proficiency

Fields of expertise

This mission position requires a minimum of 3 years experience in information sharing and management projects (community-based information methods, refugees' and/or community-based information flow management on multisectoral issues, etc).

The Regional Coordinator has to be experienced, for minimum 8 years' experience, in carrying out international humanitarian/development projects preferably EU-funded, or at least having worked in the humanitarian/development field on refugees and/or information sharing and management for minimum 8 years.

The mission also requires:

  • Experience/knowledge of the arab countries;
  • Experience/knowledge in the media/journalism field;
  • High capacity to adapt to changing environments and contexts;
  • Strong analytical and practical problem-solving skills;
  • Very good inter-personal and writing skills;
  • Experience in team management and cross-cultural management leadership;
  • Excellent skills in coordination with the relevant actors (communication and representation);
  • Experience in budget monitoring and accounting (basic), logistics is desirable;
  • Proficient in computers (Windows, spreadsheets, Word, Excel) and interest for online platforms/applications;
  • Sense of integrity and responsibility;
  • Valid international driving license preferred.


Relevant educational background in communication, journalism, media-related project/media platform management; project's management, international relations, international law, political sciences.

Starting date: ASAP

Status: CFI employee (Contract based on the French law, full time, executive rank).

Frequent travels in the MENA region and Europe

CV, letter of motivation in english, references and salary expectations have to be sent to Deadline : 10/20/2019