Consolidating the skills of Burkinan trainers: FasoMédias focuses on teaching

February 10, 2017

Two trainer-training courses were held concurrently at the start of the new FasoMédias phase: a course for training future radio-technician trainers (16 to 28 January) and a course to consolidate the skills of trainer-journalists (23 to 28 January).

The 12 days' training enabled 9 technician interns, with expert mentoring from Guénael Launay, Technical Manager at Radio France, and Marcel Dipama, Technical Manager at Radio Pulsar, to review basic radio broadcasting technique.
They were able to exchange ideas on ways of working at their own radio stations and also to discuss the problems they encounter.

"These exchanges between interns were very rewarding, and addressed the various problems they encounter at their respective radio stations. This approach looks set to promote greater technical solidarity between stations!", said Guénael Launay.

In particular, interns reflected on preferred production and interactive broadcasting methods together with the journalists who were leading the various sessions.
Together with these journalists, they will now be able to lead joint "interactivity" training courses for their FasoMédias regional colleagues in the course of 2017.

Over the week, the 9 trainer-journalists also spoke about the "interactive broadcasting" format. Just such a broadcast, entitled "How to become a journalist" was the subject of a practical exercise involving the 18 interns.
Training expert Pierre‑Yves Schneider likewise worked together with the trainer-journalists in designing training modules dedicated to interviewing techniques and editorial management, designed, respectively, for radio journalists and editorial managers of FasoMédias2's 60 partner radio stations.

The editorial management sessions will aim in particular to promote further in-depth group reflection on listeners' everyday concerns and the choice of topics and angles to be discussed as a result, notably in the field of community monitoring of government action.

Technical and journalist teaching packages will be produced by the teams of trainers and offered to interns attending courses organised in the regions.

Within the FasoMédias context, these trainers, newly trained or with their skills refreshed, will lead more than 10 workshops for their colleagues at 60 radio stations throughout Burkina Faso.