Radio & management in Berberati

April 4, 2017

Radio station directors and editorial managers participated in two management training sessions in Berberati (Central African Republic) as part of the media component of the Recovery and stabilization in Central African Republic, medias project from 20 to 25 March 217.

Six chief editors and programme heads from radio stations in Bayanga, Berberati, Bouar, Bria, Ndélé and Nola received training in editorial management led by Emmanuel de Solère Stinzy, a journalist/trainer, and Arsène-Jonathan Mosseavo, a journalist at Radio Notre Dame.

This provided them with the opportunity to enhance their ability to establish information processing systems and programme schedules which meet the needs and expectations of the people.

They were also prompted to think about how to integrate the topics covered by the Recovery and stabilization in Central African Republic, medias (redeployment of decentralised services, enhancement of social cohesion and early recovery) into their broadcasts, and about the role of radio stations in supporting these processes.

"My chief editor is already talking to me about new programmes on social cohesion with guests from the community that Radio Zoukpana could put on its schedule. Yesterday, he heard examples of micro-programmes that allow state services to be more clearly understood." Jules Nakoe, director of Radio Zoukpana in Berberati

At the same time, the six radio station directors received training in team management. With the help of training coach Sahadou Ali Zaton, they thought about tools and methods for more effectively managing and motivating their teams. These exchanges also allow better organisation between the various radio station employees.

Eight managers from radio stations in Bouar, Nola, Bayanga and Ndélé – located in the same regions as Berberati and Bria – joined these workshops, in order to enhance the skills of other radio stations and develop instincts for collaboration between radio stations in the same region.

This project constitutes the media component of the Recovery and stabilization in Central African Republic, medias pilot project, financed by the Bêkou Trust Fund with co-financing from the European Union, and run by Expertise France in partnership with Avocats sans frontières Belgium (ASF) and CFI.