Support for the production of election debates in Burundi

April 5, 2010

In the run-up to elections in Burundi, with five national and local elections scheduled between May and August 2010, French Cooperation has set up a Joint Media Support Plan (PACAM).

It has called upon CFI to organise a training course for the media in Burundi as part of this plan.

This plan has set forth six strategic points ranging from the production of programmes to logistic and technical support, with the rollout of "Media Synergy 2010", a joint programme focussing on the elections and broadcast simultaneously on all radio stations, captured by TV channels and featured in articles in the press.

The CFI training course, held from 14 to 21 March 2010, catered to eight journalists and three producers from state TV and radio. With a hands-on approach involving simulation exercises, it especially focussed on the organisation, capturing and leading of election debates, a few days ahead of the official election campaign in the media.